Honey on Maple

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Honey on Maple is considered a Light Stain. These finishes are suitable for most interiors, because the grain patterning is inherent and diverse.

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Maple is a versatile hardwood with a fine, smooth grain. Maple varies in color from nearly white to a slightly reddish brown. Mineral or sugar streaks are inherent in maple and can vary from piece to piece. This is more noticeable in lighter stains. Maple is the most common hardwood used in the manufacture of fine American cabinetry, and it is most commonly featured with opaque finishes, like our Ultimo Tinted Varnishes. Please note that some components of Maple cabinetry will be MDF when a Tinted Varnish is selected, in order to give you a superior quality of finish. MDF is never used as a structural component of your cabinetry.