Our Ecological Responsibility


The world is waking up to the reality that there are only a finite amount of resources, and that we, as humans, need to acknowledge and respect the delicate balance of forces necessary to sustain not just our lives, but the lives of all living things here on planet Earth. Every day, educated consumers are choosing companies who understand that ecological responsibility is a necessary component of doing business and that sustainable practices aren’t merely marketing slogans, but essential to maintaining a world that is kind to life.


Ultimo Cabinetry has a long history of practicing sustainable manufacturing. We have always been committed to delivering clean products with the least impact to the environment. Our pollution prevention program makes us an environmental leader in our industry. We capture sawdust and off-cut materials scrap with a state-of-the-art, highly efficient collection system for use in producing carbon-neutral ethanol fuel. We constantly evaluate our business practices by researching low-emission products, materials and more energy-efficient equipment. We encourage our employees to have a positive impact through recycling efforts, participation in local transit programs, and other actions.


Of course, wood cabinetry itself is the most sustainable product you can put in your home. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that wood is one of the greenest construction materials around, in terms of energy needed to extract, manufacture, and transport. Brick uses four times the energy of wood; concrete, five times; plastic, six times; and aluminum, 126 times. Sustainably managed forestry, used for construction, is also a carbon sink. Trees, as they grow, capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. When that wood is used in cabinetry, the carbon dioxide is sequestered and will not enter the atmosphere again unless the cabinetry is burned or allowed to decompose (rot) above ground.


Our cabinets are manufactured with health-conscious consumers in mind, using state-of-the-art technology, will benefit us all by reducing the impact to our environment and improving the air quality in our homes. Our conversion varnishes are among the lowest formaldehyde-bearing in the cabinetry industry, and all of the adhesives we use are No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF). We have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of the air inside your home by exploring the latest technologies to reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions from our cabinetry finishes, while at the same time still retaining a durable, quality finish that will last a lifetime.


Here are some more ways that Ultimo Cabinetry is committed to a healthier world:


Renewable & Sustainable Woods:

The American hardwood we use comes from sustainable growth stands, responsibly harvested with a low, fully recoverable, impact on habitats and ecosystems.


Recycle & Reuse:

We recycle everything we can, not just the usual things like paper, cardboard or electronics. In addition to those items, we also recycle our forklift batteries, coolant, dead shop lights and the solvents used in our finishing process. The Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP), used in cabinet box construction, is made of 100% recycled content.


Energy Reduction:

We maintain an ongoing focus on energy saving projects such as replacing air compressors, spray guns, and lighting throughout the plant, and improving the efficiency of our dust collection system continues to reduce power usage.


We are also TSCA Compliant and ICCES Certified. Companies that are certified in these programs are going above and beyond to assure that products are EPA-compliant and successfully pass rigorous testing.