Estimated Lead Time - By Ultimo

Lead times are estimates based on current levels of production and cover shipping to the contiguous 48 United States and the District of Columbia. We do not deliver to Alaska and Hawaii, or to any other US territory or freely associated state.


Full Overlay Cabinets

Inset Cabinets

Specialty Cabinets

Custom Colors

Custom Wood Hoods


6 – 8 Weeks

8 – 10 Weeks

Add Up to 2 Weeks

Add Up to 2 Weeks

Add Up to 2 Weeks

Current Lead Time

  • Full Overlay Cabinets: 6 – 8 Weeks


  • Inset Cabinets: 8 – 10 Weeks


  • Specialty Cabinets: Add Up to 2 Weeks


  • Custom Colors: Add Up to 2 Weeks


  • Custom Wood Hoods: Add Up to 2 Weeks



Delivering fine custom cabinetry is an art form in and of itself. Some companies are content using moving blankets or corrugated boxes. We are not. Our packaging is unlike any other in the industry. We designed our best-in-class packaging with one goal in mind – maximizing your delivery experience.


If you think the box your cabinets come in doesn’t matter, consider this: a single cracked cabinet can set off a series of costly delays, making a project take longer than necessary and cost more than you bargained for. Our boxes aren’t boxes at all, and that makes all the difference.


That hourglass shape might look funny, but it provides cushioned protection for the most delicate areas on each of your cabinets… The finished parts of your cabinet are covered in a poly foam which protects the cabinet from scratches caused by jostling in the truck. Every cabinet has an orange sticker on it showing you where to cut it open (we can’t even tell you how many horror stories we’ve heard of contractors slicing open a cardboard box only to put a gash down a brand-new cabinet door), and every cabinet is clearly labeled so you know exactly where it goes in your design. You can, and should, recycle every part of your cabinets’ packaging.



Ultimo cabinets are shipped Full Truckload (FTL) from the factory. An FTL truck leaving our factory contains roughly ~240 cabinets + moldings in the truck completely full, all those cabinets going to a common geographical area. They are held in place by load bars, which are clever little devices that hold the boxes in place by friction fit. This is an extremely effective method for shipping FTL, because the load bars are moved at each stop, securing the load from beyond slight shifts in transit.


The cabinets are delivered to a Final Mile Delivery Agent (FMDA) who schedules the drop-off. To your home. You must be home at the time of delivery to sign the delivery. You will typically have about 2 weeks to schedule the delivery once the cabinets arrive in your area, but please be aware that you may have no or limited flexibility with the date or timeframe of the delivery.

The FMDA’s trucks will sometimes, but not always utilize the above system, as home delivery is typically done in a smaller truck which can navigate neighborhoods, etc. and not every truck is equipped for load bars. In those instances the cabinets will typically be secured by other means to prevent damage during transit.


The delivery truck will have a Residential Lift Gate attached to it, which allows the operator to lower the cabinets to the ground rather than risk them falling off the truck at your home. That would be bad. We don’t want to do that. Once they’re off the truck, the driver will bring them to the First Covered Area, otherwise known as Closest Threshold, from the street the home is addressed to, or from the most easily accessible point for the delivery vehicle, whichever is closest and safest. Drivers aren’t supposed to bring the cabinets all the way into your house, but most can be encouraged to do so.


You should check each cabinet against the paperwork provided by their designer against the packing slip provided by the driver, noting any damaged packaging prior or missing pieces on the item list before accepting delivery. We strongly recommend photo documentation of delivery; many members film their deliveries and share them with us. Call us right away as well, so that we can get started right away on correcting your issues.

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