Cabinet Design & Measure

1. Virtual Design Process

Step 1: Decide Which Product is Right for You


We offer 3 products on – Ultimo® Custom Cabinetry, Market Street Semi-Custom Cabinetry, and Market Street Value Express Cabinetry. Each product line has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right product is important. View our Ultimo® specs here and our Market Street specs here.


If you can’t decide, you may want to ask us for a Comparison Quote. This may limit the complexity, faithfulness, and aesthetics of your design, and not all spaces qualify, but it should give you a good idea of where our products are priced in relation to each other in a design created to work in your space.



Step 2: Request Your Design


Request a design by clicking here. If you can give us a target cabinetry budget it will help us refine or direct your choices made in Step 1 and help us serve you best. At the minimum we require a floor plan and photographs, or a layout or cabinetry list from another design firm – although we take no responsibility for their design accuracy and/or level of taste.


Depending on what you submit, you can either opt to receive a quote or have an Introductory Design Appointment to give us some more details and work with an introductory designer to get started on your project.



Step 3: See, Touch, and Feel


Purchase up to 5 door samples for $40 each and receive a made-to-order sample in the color and species of your choice. When you purchase your cabinetry, we will refund the first 5 purchased door samples (Semi-Custom and Value Express samples included in this count). You can also order up to 5 complimentary color samples to help narrow down your choices. If you need more than 5 color samples to choose then you can purchase them for $5 each.



Step 4: Honing Your Design


One you have received an initial quote, it’s time to get to work. You’ll be assigned a professional designer who will work with you to refine the design and get it just right. Even for simple item lists we request that you work with a designer to verify the fit prior to committing to your project. With decades of combined knowledge and over 10 years serving the Costco member community, it’s no surprise that we’ve caught countless mistakes and tragic design errors made by the other guys.


Step 5: Purchase With Confidence


After you and your designer sign off on the final plans and you check out your order total at we perform a 3-part review of your project. We double-check that the measurements check out, that your design functions and will look like what you want it without any nasty surprises, and that your appliances fit prior to making your cabinetry.


Once we’ve begun building your cabinets, you’ll receive an e-mail with important shipping and cabinetry care information. Your cabinets will then make their journey from our factory to your home stopping at a local distribution center that will schedule the home delivery appointment with you. You can find our latest lead times here.

2. Digital Photo Measurement

What is Photogrammetry?


Photogrammetry is a technology used to extrapolate measurements from digital photographs. It is used in the forensic sciences, as well as by NASA. Tuscan Hills brings this technology to cabinetry design, exclusively for you. We guarantee that your cabinetry will fit your space when you measure your kitchen with us.


Why would I use Photogrammetry?


Our services are popular among DIYers, who nonetheless want peace of mind measuring their space or those who may not yet have a contractor. People who have a contractor, or feel confident in measuring their own space, may opt to provide their own measurements. Of course, photogrammetry will not work for you if you are building a new space or changing the architecture of your space.


When should I ask for Photogrammetry?


When you begin working with a designer one-on-one, your designer will ask you how you would like to confirm your measurements and offer you the photogrammetry option at that time.


How long does it take?


Once we have acceptable photographs which will yield good measurements, the photogrammetry process takes one business day. To get those photographs, you will have to follow our step-by-step instructions and customized photo measuring plan, which will be sent to you by our photogrammetry techs. This process may involve multiple photography sessions if the photos are blurry or taken from the wrong locations.


For more information, please give us a call today on 1-888-888-7404.