Cabinet Modifications

Ultimo® cabinetry is endlessly customizable. Below you can browse some of our more popular modifications. All told, we can modify our cabinetry in over 150 different ways to suit your individual needs. Consult with your designer for more options.

Base Extended Side and Stile Down Modification


This modification finishes off the end of the cabinet by bringing it all the way to the ground. Exposed toe kicks are almost always ignored by other designers. When they’re not ignored, other product lines often don’t have a good solution – installers are left trying to paint cut edges or using unwieldy “caps” which needlessly project into the space and cause stubbed toes. Extending the side down to the ground eliminates all these problems and creates a clean, finished aesthetic which pairs with modern and transitional design.

Chase Cut Modification


Overcome the obstacles in your way with this versatile modification. Your designer can configure this modification to create segments as small as 3” up to 6” less than the overall cabinet size. Other restrictions may apply. Consult with your designer to determine if a chase cut is the best solution for your plumbing, electrical, or HVAC chase.

Increase Depth Modification


Many semi-custom cabinets allow for reduction in depth but Ultimo® cabinetry gives your designer the tools to increase the depth of nearly every cabinet we sell. In some cases, like tall cabinetry, your designer can make these changes for you without a charge. This is particularly useful for built-in appliances and to ensure that the countertop over the adjacent base cabinets has a surface upon which to terminate, a desirable look that isn’t possible in lower end lines.

Change Doors Modification


With our Change Doors modification the boundaries of what is possible are more like horizons. Unlike stock and semi-custom options, your Ultimo® designer isn’t limited to two doors on the front of a cabinet. Doors can be added to almost any cabinet – on the front, back, or sides – and they can be fixed or functional. Your designer can also resize most doors and drawer fronts to match any aesthetic requirement. Have a door and drawer configuration you’ve been dreaming of? You can make it yours.

Inverted Frame Modification


Inverting the frame of your cabinets is a smart design choice when space is limited and you need the flexibility of a drawer under your sink base. Or, you may be trying to align with your adjacent microwave drawer or other specialty cabinet. You may even have a specific look you’re trying to achieve. Ultimo® cabinetry has the affordable solution for you.

Pocket Door Modification


Pocket Doors are a Costco member favorite modification. Pocket doors are a popular choice for countertop appliance garages or any time you don’t want a cabinet door obstructing your work space, walk space, or view. Minimum cabinetry depth required. Pocket doors have the look of inset cabinetry and do not align with full overlay cabinetry in the depth plane. Top-mounted pocket doors are also available.

Walnut Drawer Box Modification


This exquisite modification endows your cabinetry with the ultimate luxury aesthetic choice. Choose rich, natural American Walnut hardwood drawer boxes as an accent to painted cabinetry, or to compliment your natural Walnut cabinets. Designer Pro-tip: Walnut drawer boxes can be pricey. Choose their location and usage well and a little can go a long way. For instance, natural Walnut roll trays in a drinks cabinet make a beautiful removable drinks tray for entertaining.

Chase Cut Drawers Modification


Plumbing is a necessary component of any sink base, and gas lines take up valuable real estate in your cooktop base cabinet. Competitors will tell you that you need to lose this space, but your Ultimo® designer may suggest a drawer chase cutout, allowing us to create a U-shaped drawer box around these necessary obstacles. You will be required to provide a model number for the sink or appliance and give us a good idea of the centerline of the utility feed (your designer can help you find these measurements), but the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Scooped Drawer Modification


The space underneath a built-in cooktop is wasted by most designers and in most kitchen cabinet lines. Ultimo® designers invite you to consider a scooped drawer instead, our factory modification which results in a usable drawer underneath a built-in cooking surface. You will be required to provide us with a model number prior to purchasing this modification. We suggest storing trivets and oven mitts here, keeping these necessary kitchen accessories tucked away close at hand.

Drawer Partitions


While we also provide numerous inserts, sometimes your design will call for fixed inserts to your drawers. Our Ultimo® drawer partitions are factory-installed permanent partitions. You and your designer can use these to create custom solutions for cutlery and serving utensils, file storage, charging stations, or any number of creative drawer storage applications.

Extended Stiles Modification


It is often necessary to use filler material when designing cabinetry layouts, to provide an allowance for clearance requirements. In some cases, fillers create unsightly seams which would be better off avoided. Extended stiles are the answer to this problem – we create the cabinet and the filler as one unit which can be trimmed and installed on-site for a seamless look. This is a value that Ultimo® cabinetry is uniquely equipped to provide Costco members. Ask your designer about extended stiles for that high end look.

Dimensional Modifications


Altering the dimensions of individual cabinets is the hallmark of custom cabinetry. Many semi-custom cabinet lines have reduce depth modifications – this is not custom work. Standard Ultimo® cabinets can be adjusted in 1/16” increments in all three dimensions – width, height, and depth. The advantages are manifold. You can gain more usable space, customize the height of your countertop for greater convenience, and customize cabinets for intended storage purposes. If you have a built-in appliance, ask your designer about customizing the opening of the cabinet so that the doors/drawers of the cabinet align perfectly with your appliance for a true custom look.

Appliance Panels


Decorative appliance panels are a highly sought-after aesthetic and Ultimo® builds them right. We work with the top manufacturers of panel-ready appliances such as SubZero, Thermador, Viking, Bosch, Miele, and countless others to customize appliance panel fronts for refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers and other appliances to blend seamlessly with your new cabinetry.

Flush Bottom Modification


Wall cabinets are unfinished on the bottom with a 7/8” recess by default. This is great if you want undercabinet lighting, but not so great if your wall cabinet is hung high above the ground – like above a refrigerator or a transom cabinet above a sink. The Ultimo® design standard is to apply a flush finished bottom to every wall cabinet whose bottom is higher than 54” above the finished floor.

Decorative Finished Ends

Decorative Finished Ends

Unlike many companies, we can send your decorative finished ends attached, loose, as separate panels, or in integrated configurations. Decorative configurations are available as full-height doors, door-and-drawer configurations, all-drawers, or any other combination. Discuss your decorative end options with your designer to decide how best to put the finishing touches on your next project.

Flush Finished Ends

Flush Finished Ends

This is our standard for exposed finished sides of cabinetry. Filled, smoothed, sanded, and finished by hand for the highest quality finish possible. This option will not require any on-site modification by your installer to affix moldings, and it goes with high end appliances and fixtures perfectly. We encourage every Costco member to take advantage of our great pricing to purchase cabinetry with flush finished ends because they are the perfect finishing touch for your investment.

Furniture Finished Ends

Furniture Finished Ends

This finished end modification eliminates the ¼” reveal, leaving a visible furniture bevel in its place. This elevated finished end option is a great choice for a budget-friendly finished end which looks custom, not stock. This option won’t require special attention by your installer, nor will it look out-of-place with high end appliances and fixtures.

Standard Finished Ends

Standard Finished Ends

Standard finished ends give a fully finished, top-coated and sealed finished end panel with a ¼” ‘reveal’ between the frame and the panel. This is typically how your kitchen will be designed according to the capabilities of box store cabinets and their designers. This is our default finished end next to freestanding appliances, but most Costco members choose an elevated finished end options for exposed sides of cabinetry.