What is Tuscan Hills?

Tuscan Hills is an online design service selling American made, hand-crafted custom cabinetry at a great value exclusively to Costco members through Costco.com. Our exclusive patented methodology allows you to work with us remotely to design your dream kitchen or bath from anywhere in the country, knowing that your measurements and design will always be accurate.

What is Ultimo Cabinetry?

Ultimo is our cabinet brand. Tuscan Hills is the exclusive dealer of Ultimo Cabinetry, and Costco.com is the only place to find Ultimo Cabinetry.

Why should I buy my cabinets from Costco's Tuscan Hills?

Simply put: quality, service and value. Unlike local dealers, or online Chinese cabinet vendors, we only offer a fully-loaded, high quality product. We offer standard features like 3/4" plywood and top quality soft-close hardware. Our finishes are hand-applied and oven cured with quality stains and varnishes that will last a lifetime. From start to finish, you will be guided and informed by experts who can answer your questions and help you make the tough design decisions. Of course, our partnership with Costco means that you will receive the level of post-purchase customer service that you expect, at a value that can't be beaten. The real question is: Why wouldn't I buy my cabinets from Costco's Tuscan Hills?

How can Tuscan Hills design my kitchen over the Internet?

"We have a simple, three step design process to help you get the kitchen or bath of your dreams:
Step 1: Fill out the Project Planner , and be sure to attach your initial measurement documents. One of our Design Coordinators will get in touch with you to confirm your details.
Step 2: We design your kitchen, bath, or other space based on this information and send you a complimentary 3D design and cabinetry quote. Once you’ve reviewed your quote, please call us to schedule an appointment with an expert designer and order cabinetry samples to help make your selections.
Step 3: You work one-on-one with the personal designer, on the phone and by way of virtual meetings, where you will add input to the design, and view the changes in real-time. They will get your measurement confirmation, either by having you double-check your own, or by using our Digital Photogrammetry technology. They will then help you finalize your order and pay through Costco.com."

Does Tuscan Hills go to my home?

Although we do not visit your home, we have the ability to design, measure, and show you the quality of our products through our website, sample program, virtual design and digital photo measuring. We can design and provide cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, entertainment centers, mud rooms—you name it!

Are Ultimo cabinets on display at Costco or is there a showroom I can visit?

At this time, our Ultimo cabinets are not on display at any Costco location. If you would like to verify colors, please order your complimentary color chips from our website or contact one of our design coordinators to assist you in ordering samples. If you would like to see our construction quality firsthand, we recommend ordering a door sample. You can order one from the website, or by contacting one of our design coordinators. While they do cost $30 each up front, any money you spend on samples will be put towards your final cabinetry order when you purchase.

Does Tuscan Hills Cabinetry install?

We do not offer installation, but our cabinetry does come fully assembled, unless specified by your personal designer, and ready to install with a guided floor plan and installation guide. We also have a customer service team that can speak with you or your cabinet installer to answer any and all questions about your cabinetry or design. If you don't have an installer, your designer may be able to assist you in finding one.

Can I install Ultimo cabinets on my own?

We do recommend a licensed professional to install Ultimo cabinets. It's important that the cabinets are installed secure and level. Cutting fillers and mitering moldings is also common and can be complicated even for an experienced installer.

Is there a minimum cabinetry order?

Tuscan Hills has no minimum order requirement. We will do any full remodel job for a Kitchen, Bathroom, Mudroom, Laundry Room or other cabinetry project. We will not attempt to match, contrast, or compliment our cabinetry with your existing cabinetry. We do not design kitchen island-only requests as we will only design kitchen islands as part of a full kitchen remodel. Of course, Tuscan Hills can provide cabinetry for new construction as well!

Do you offer custom stains and tinted varnishes?

Absolutely! You can send us a 3x3 color sample on your desired wood species or we can match any Sherwin William or Benjamin Moore color- all you have to do is tell us the color name and number! Our factory will then produce a sample door on the style of your choice for your approval to ensure that we produce your cabinetry exactly as you're expecting! Because we are formulating a finish specifically for you, a custom color overlay door sample is $250 and a custom inset door sample is $350. Your designer will deduct all sample purchases from your final cabinetry purchase.

Does Tuscan Hills offer countertops, backsplashes or kitchen cabinet hardware?

While Tuscan Hills will design and sell you beautiful cabinetry, we do not provide stone countertops, backsplashes or hardware for cabinetry. However, decorative wood tops and butcher block tops are available in limited sizes.

Do Tuscan Hills offer refacing or replacement of doors and drawer fronts only?

We do not offer cabinetry refacing and do not sell door and drawer fronts only.

What does 'Custom Cabinetry' mean?

Custom cabinetry means that we offer over 10,000 skus that can be upgraded and modified 550 different ways. We can also change the height, width and depth of our cabinetry up to 1/16 of an inch for an upcharge. Custom cabinetry also means that every item is built and finished to order specifically as you selected! For this reason, Ultimo cabinetry is not returnable.

What is 'Nomenclature'?

Nomenclature is a term used in the cabinet industry that describes the cabinet, molding or component. It is typically a code. For example, a butt door cabinet that is 36" wide x 42" high has a nomenclature 2W3642.


Does it cost anything to receive a design?

No- you'll never pay a design fee! The design process is a complimentary service we offer to all Costco members who display interest in Tuscan Hills Cabinetry and who submit the required information to receive a quote. We quote prices based on the design, so it is also a necessary step in order to purchase cabinetry through us. Even when you’re working with your personal designer there is still no obligation to buy and you will not be charged for our design services.

How long does it take to get a design and quote?

It can take anywhere from 3-4 business days from the time your information has been verified by one of our design coordinators to the time you receive your quote via e-mail. You will receive 3D renders along with your quote – this will represent a working design. From there, a design coordinator can schedule a phone or virtual appointment with you to meet your personal designer who can go over every detail and make changes if necessary.

What is needed on a floor plan in order to get a quote?

We require wall measurements, window and door measurements and their location. Please also be sure to include any obstacles, such as soffits, beams, bump outs, radiators, baseboards etc. Submitting pictures with your floorplan will also help our team create an accurate design which will ultimately result in a successful kitchen remodel!

Can I use photogrammetry instead of submitting a floor plan?

Our digital photogrammetry is used for verifying measurements for a final design only, and not for measuring a kitchen to get an initial quote.

What appliance information is required in order to get a quote?

We require at least the widths of the appliances you intend to use in your new kitchen to provide an accurate initial quote. During the design process, they can be changed if need be. We also need some idea of where they’ll be placed – it should be apparent on any design or floor plan you submit to us. If it is completely up to us, please indicate this. When we finalize your design, we will need all of the model numbers for your appliances. This is to ensure that the cabinets you are buying will indeed fit with your exact appliances.

Will I receive a floor plan with my initial quote?

Our design process is different from many show rooms or big box stores, where you’ll be handed a plan and tasked with figuring most of it out for yourself. We design with you, virtually. Once you’ve received your initial quote, if you like the price and what you see, you can work with a designer here on staff to refine your design. At this point, you’ll be seeing the plan on their computer screens in two and three dimensions. We feel that this is a much more exciting and informative way to digest the information in your design.

Why doesn't Tuscan Hills provide itemized pricing?

Everything we do is personalized, and to do it properly takes time. The possibilities with our cabinetry are endless, and this makes it impossible to give individualized pricing.

I have multiple rooms that I need cabinets for. Do I need to fill out the project planner multiple times?

Of course not! We can provide an initial design for the largest cabinet project, most likely the kitchen, and if you like what you see, your personal designer will provide designs for all other rooms.

What if I can't finish my Project Planner in one session?

Don't worry if you can't finish your design request in a single session. When you return to the site and select "Request Design," entering your name and e-mail again will bring up your Project Planner exactly where you left off!

Can you provide me an estimate based on linear feet?

"A linear foot estimate is just that – an estimate. We deal in quotes, not estimates. When you receive your quote from us based on your initial design that is a working quote. You could place the order that day if you so chose, and receive exactly the cabinets which make up that design and pay exactly what's quoted plus any applicable state taxes.
This differs from an estimate in two appreciable ways: One, an estimate isn’t a guarantee of price. It’s a number to draw you in – if you’ve heard the term “lowball estimate,” then you understand that estimates are often low on purpose to get you interested. Our quotes are for exactly what you see – there is no lowballing. Two, an estimate doesn’t give you any idea of what you would or wouldn’t get. Our quotes are complete designs tailored to your specific space and requests."


What does a Tuscan Hills personal designer do?

A Tuscan Hills personal designer will assist you with your cabinetry layout and selections answering any questions or concerns you may have. You will work with them through virtual appointment, phone conferences and e-mail communication. They will also update your design and price along the way so that you can rest assure you've made all the right choices at the time of closing.

How long does it take to work with a designer?

Plan to work with a designer for about three weeks. This could be longer or shorter depending on your pace and preparedness, but most members will want to see a few design revisions before finalizing on their designs.

How do virtual design appointments work?

Your designer will send you a virtual meeting link. You can log-in from any computer or mobile device, but we recommend a large viewing screen. Your designer will also give you a phone call. Once you're logged in, you'll see your designer's computer screen and can navigate through your design in real time. You'll be able to request and view changes to your floor plan, as well as see elevations and perspective drawings of all of your changes.

How long are design appointments?

Phone appointments usually take no more than an hour. Virtual design appointments are scheduled for two hours, but seldom run that long. Finalizing virtual appointments take between 1-4 hours depending on the intricacy of your design.

How do I schedule a design appointment?

After you've received your initial design and quote, all you have to do is call or e-mail us, it's that easy! A design coordinator can assist you.

Can I schedule a design appointment without receiving an initial design?

No, our process requires you to have an initial design and quote. Filling out your Project Planner is easy - just click on the "Request Design" button at the top of this page.

Will Tuscan Hills provide square footage or hardware counts?

While your personal designer will provide you with detailed floor plans and elevations at the time of closing, they will not provide template square footage for countertops, backsplashes or hardware count for cabinetry.

What happens if I need to cancel or change my order once it's placed?

To avoid any confusion, we recommend being 100% sure at the time of order placement that your design, appliances and style selections are accurate. However, you have three days to cancel or change your order. After those three days, your order will release into the production phase and cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason as it is custom built just for you.


How do I order a door sample?

While you are browsing door styles, you can order a sample by clicking on the "Order Sample" cart. The default selection is a Natural Maple finish. You can change your finish selection by choosing a color under the choose color menu, underneath the door's description.

How long does it take to get a door sample?

It usually takes about 10 business days to ship a door sample to your home from our factory. This is because each door sample is crafted to order. Color samples, on the other hand, usually ship to your home in 3-5 business days.

Is there a charge for door samples or color samples?

There is no charge for our complimentary, solid wood color samples and a door sample is only $30. Your designer will also deduct all sample purchases from your final cabinetry purchase.

Is there a shipping charge for door samples or color samples?

We provide complimentary 2nd Day Air shipping for all sample doors and color samples.

What is the size of a complimentary samples?

A complimentary color samples is 5.5" x 4.5". All color samples are solid wood.

What is the size of a sample door?

An overlay door sample is 13" x 16" and an inset door sample is 16" x 26". An overlay door sample does not represent the drawer front style but an inset door will include the frame and drawer front.


How does Tuscan Hills measure my space?

We can verify your room dimensions using a state-of-the-art, patented technology called photogrammetry. Once you are working with a personal designer, a Tuscan Hills measure tech will e-mail you a digital target and diagrams on how to take proper photos. The digital target is a standard 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper that you can print and tape flat to your walls. You then take a series of pictures of each wall following the diagrams with the digital targets visible in the photos. A Tuscan Hills measure tech can answer any and all questions you may have.

How accurate is photo measuring?

We guarantee that this process is accurate up to 1/8” of an inch and Tuscan Hills takes responsibility for the room dimensions and fit of the cabinets. To be eligible for our digital photogrammetry, you must be able to fit the entire height of your kitchen – floor-to-ceiling – in one digital photograph without using the panorama option. Spaces that are too cramped may not be eligible, as it may not be possible to obtain a clear reading.

Do I have to use photo measuring before placing my order?

If you or your installer can provide accurate measurements, we can use that as well. Your personal designer can assist you in obtaining the needed measurements to ensure an accurate fit.


What is a tinted varnish?

Tinted varnish is the technical term for our painted finishes. Three tinted coats of catalyzed material are uniformly applied to Maple and Oak cabinetry. Light sanding between coats assures a smooth finish. The finish is oven cured for durability.

What is a specialty finish?

A specialty finish is a hand-applied technique that goes above and beyond our stains, tinted varnishes and glazes. We offer chateaux, cottage, old world distressing and villa which are available on a multitude of finishes. We also offer amaretto, bordeaux, licorice, homestead red, and homestead fog which are specific finishes.

What is glazing and when is it a good idea to glaze a door?

Contrary to popular belief, glazing is not a protective top-coat that you pay extra for. A glaze is actually a second color which is applied during the finishing process and is used to accent the woodworking elements of your door. It is applied to the front of the door, and then wiped-off by hand, so that areas of heavily concentrated glaze remain in the nooks and crannies – a technical term called “hang-up.” Because of this, you may not get the full benefit of glazing from a flat slab door or a Shaker door – you’ll see a lot less of the glaze, even though the overall color is hued, because there’s nowhere for the glaze to hang up. It is a good idea to glaze a beaded or roped door, as it will highlight those woodworking features.

Do Ultimo cabinets contain any MDF or Engineered materials?

Like other custom cabinetry manufacturers, Ultimo uses engineered hardwoods in some construction applications. Some door styles are made with MDF center panels (these are labeled “veneer recessed center panel” on the website). On the finished end panels of stained cabinets, the MDF veneer is the second-to-last veneer in the plywood, with the last (outermost) veneer being the hardwood of your choice. This prevents the telegraphing of any voids in the inner plies from showing through to the finish. For tinted varnish cabinets, the outermost veneer on cabinets with a finished end panel is MDF. This gives the cabinet finish a smooth surface to adhere to and creates a glass-like smoothness and imperfection-free painted finish. Sometimes, if your order contains 5-piece drawer fronts, we include a ¼” hardboard (Masonite) filler to ensure that the drawer front fits snuggly and securely to the drawer box. Some specialty cabinets, like our tambour doors, will be made with an engineered material as well, as it is the best available material for the given purpose. None of the stiles and rails on any of our doors come in an MDF or Particle board construction, and our face frames are always made out of the hardwood of your choice.

*Effective March 18, 2019, all maple cabinet doors and five-piece headers with a solid center panel finished in a Tinted Varnish and its variations (i.e., painted finishes and glazed painted finishes) will be upgraded to an MDF center panel. MDF is better suited to handle the changes in temperature, humidity or atmospheric pressure that cabinets experience over their lifetime which can cause the finish to crack, the doors to swell or raw wood to be exposed. MDF center panel construction will help mitigate these effects and keep your cabinetry looking pristine longer. This change does not apply to any oak doors, slab doors, stained maple doors or tinted varnish doors with a distressed finish.

Do Ultimo cabinets come with installation screws?

The mounting screws are not included with your cabinetry and should be provided by your installer. We recommend using #8x2.5" screws and washers.

How certain can I be that I'll receive the highest quality of cabinetry?

We strive to use only the top quality components, such as Blum overlay hinges and Salice inset hinges, in our cabinetry. Likewise, our drawer glides are made by Blum and have their highest weight rating and smoothest soft close profile available for framed cabinets. We use only veneer core plywood with high grade engineered material to prevent finish defects, with the highest grade exterior veneers for finished ends. Our face frames are cut from FAS & Selects grade hardwood lumber and all of our center panel doors use a floating panel technique to help mitigate the effects of thermal expansion and contraction.


Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain we will, at our discretion, use components from other manufacturers when our preferred components are not available. This is a necessary step because many niche and specialty hinges are no longer being manufactured or are not being manufactured in sufficient quantity to satisfy the demand for our cabinetry. You may not be notified of every change, but we will continue to endeavor, as we always have, to source the highest quality components available on the market today.


How much does it cost?

Your kitchen cost can vary greatly depending on the door style, wood species, decorative elements, finish, and accessories. With so many choices, we customize our design and quote just for you. To get started on receiving a quote for your project, please click "Request Design" at the top of the page.

How do I pay for my door samples/ cabinet order?

"All payments go through the Costco payment page. http://www.costco.com/.product.11677444.html
You will enter the price for your cabinetry order or door samples using the $1 and $100 Cabinetry Unit boxes. For example, if your order is $10,349, you would enter “103” in the $100 Cabinetry Unit box and “49” in the $1 Cabinetry Unit box. Before you click Add to Cart, please ensure that Your Price matches the price you were quoted by Tuscan Hills. You can then Add to Cart and proceed to Checkout."

How do I split my payment across multiple credit cards?

Simply check out multiple times from the Costco.com payment page, ensuring that the sum total of all your purchases equals the amount on your cabinetry Purchase Agreement. Please note, you cannot check out multiple times with the same credit card, as your statement will not reflect a billable charge until after the cabinets have shipped.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Yes. It will be assessed by Costco.com based on your place of residence. Tuscan Hills does not calculate your sales tax liability; all of our price quotes are pre-tax.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Please see Costco.com for a list of accepted payment methods: https://customerservice.costco.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/719

When is my payment due?

You must check out in full at time of order. However, unless you are paying with a Costco Cash Card, your credit card will not be charged until the cabinets ship. In the meantime it will show as a pending charge on your credit card statement.

Do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is Free on all orders to anywhere in the continental United States. Costco.com does not permit the shipment of our products to AK, HI or PR.

What factors influence my cabinetry pricing?

Door style, wood species, and finish all play a large part in determining your cabinetry price. Of course, the number of cabinets in your design as well as the presence of decorative details like moldings and decorative panels will also influence your price. You'll need a quote to get a better idea of how your kitchen will price out, but you can use My Dream Kitchen™ Pricing to understand how your door style, species and finish selections will influence your pricing.

What is a pre-authorization hold for an online order?

A pre-authorization hold simply confirms that funds are available on your credit or debit card. As soon as Costco can confirm that funds are available, Costco will release the hold, returning it to your bank. Please keep in mind that depending upon your bank's timeframe, the funds can re-appear immediately or require an entire billing cycle prior to release. Contact your bank for specific information concerning your bank's timeframe.

This information was provided by Costco.com: https://customerservice.costco.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1275/~/what-is-a-pre-authorization-hold-for-an-online-order%3F


How much is shipping?

Shipping is Free on all orders to anywhere in the continental United States.

Costco.com policy prohibits Tuscan Hills from shipping our products to AK, HI, or PR.

Why can’t I have my cabinetry delivered immediately?

Our Ultimo cabinetry is custom built and finished to order according to your specifications. We have a factory, not a warehouse, and your cabinets are not simply pulled off of the shelf. Each and every cabinet is built specifically for you, and a quality process takes time. Before you submit your information, please be aware that the entire process – from the day you submit your design request to the day you get your cabinets will be at least two months.

What can I expect once I order my cabinets?

Approximately 2-3 weeks after ordering, you should expect an e-mail from our service team containing your expected ship week and a cabinetry installation and care guide. Then, sometime during your cabinetry ship week, you will receive a phone call from a local delivery agent to schedule the home delivery date. Someone will need to be home to accept and sign for your cabinetry delivery.

How long do the cabinets take to ship to my home?

Ultimo cabinetry takes approximately 6-8 weeks to ship. Specialty items and specialty finishes, such as tempered glass or the villa finish, can extend your lead time to 8-10 weeks. Inset cabinetry ships in 10-12 weeks. Replacement parts and pieces take 2-3 weeks to produce and ship. Once your cabinetry ships, you can contact us and we will put you in touch with your local delivery agent once the cabinetry is delivered to them. Tuscan Hills does not currently ship to AK, HI, or PR.

What should I do to prepare for my cabinetry delivery?

You should ensure that you have an area to securely store the cabinetry until you are ready to install. This area should be room temperature and relatively free of moisture. Since your new cabinetry is a fine woodworking product, it is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Three days prior to installing your cabinets, please bring them into the space in which you intend to install them so that they may fully acclimate to the space before you install them.

What is the replacement policy for damaged or missing items?

Damaged, defective or missing pieces will be replaced at no charge within 3 weeks. Just call or e-mail us at service@tuscanhillscabinetry.com. Please include a picture, the cabinet nomenclature or location and a brief description of what's wrong and we'll begin production of an expedited replacement.

Do you ship to AK, HI or PR?

Costco.com policy prohibits Tuscan Hills from shipping our products to to AK, HI, or PR.