Quarter Sawn Oak

Quarter Sawn Oak is our regular Oak milled at an angle 60 to 90 degrees from the grain allowing rays and flecks to become visible, giving the wood unique character and dimension. Because not every dimension of wood is possible to mill at this angle, some cabinetry components will be produced using flat-sawn Oak. Due to the open grain inherent to Oak, 100% stain penetration cannot be achieved and sometimes unfinished portions of the grain will be visible when viewed at an angle and under magnification. With its open and intriguing grain pattern, Quarter Sawn Oak is considered a good hardwood for painting. When painted, its grain will be visible and tactile. Due to natural variations inherent to the species, stains on Oak will not produce a single, perfectly uniform color tone. There may be regions of moderate color variation, even within a single piece of Oak. This is considered to be due to the natural variation inherent to wood, and is part of wood’s natural beauty.