Rattan on Walnut

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Rattan on Walnut is considered a Light Stain. These finishes are suitable for most interiors, because the patterning of grain is its inherent state and varied.

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Walnut is a strong, stable American hardwood known for wide color variation. It ranges in color from creamy white to a medium purplish brown. Walnut cabinetry will have both flowing grain and straight grain. This combination is a treasured characteristic of Walnut, and is showcased when Walnut is finished in its inherent state. However, Walnut takes all available stains well. Walnut is a favorite choice for furniture and furniture grade cabinetry, such as Ultimo Cabinetry.Walnut is a premium wood species and is highly desirable for high-end cabinetry projects. Your Ultimo Cabinetry designer will always recommend you select its inherent state if your goal is to experience the richest, fullest experience that Walnut can provide. Walnut is also highly desirable for accenting your project – consider adding Walnut floating shelves to your project for a pop of beautiful wood tone! You can also ask your designer about modifying your cabinets’ drawer boxes with our premium Walnut drawer box upgrade modification for that extra touch of luxury.