Breeze on Quarter Sawn White Oak

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Breeze on Quarter Sawn White Oak is considered a Light Opaque Finish. These finishes are most suitable for interiors with lower light levels, or low levels of ambient sunlight, because they can help brighten up the space.

Quarter Sawn White Oak is known for distinctive rays and flecks in the wood grain, with colors that range from nearly white sapwood to darker gray/ brown heartwood. Quarter Sawn White Oak takes stain fairly evenly and is known for strength, durability and the beauty that comes from the cut of the wood. Cutting from the heart of the log, rather than the edges, gives visibility to long radiated rays that are the essence oQuarter Sawn White Oak can receive an Ultimo Tinted Varnish like Red Oak can. Because of the way Quarter Sawn Oak is milled it is a premium wood species, and is highly desirable for high-end cabinetry projects.