Digital Photo Measuring

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is a technology used to extrapolate measurements from digital photographs. It is used in the forensic sciences, as well as by NASA. Tuscan Hills brings this technology to cabinetry design, exclusively for you. We guarantee that your cabinetry will fit your space when you measure your kitchen with us.

Why would I use Photogrammetry?

Our services are popular among DIYers, who nonetheless want peace of mind measuring their space or those who may not yet have a contractor. People who have a contractor, or feel confident in measuring their own space, may opt to provide their own measurements. Of course, photogrammetry will not work for you if you are building a new space or changing the architecture of your space.

When should I ask for Photogrammetry?

When you begin working with a designer one-on-one, your designer will ask you how you would like to confirm your measurements and offer you the photogrammetry option at that time.

How long does it take?

Once we have acceptable photographs which will yield good measurements, the photogrammetry process takes one business day. In order to get those photographs, you will have to follow our step-by-step instructions and customized photo measuring plan, which will be sent to you by our photogrammetry techs. This process may involve multiple photography sessions if the photos are blurry or taken from the wrong locations.

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